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We know how important your pet is to you and as such, we recommend that you insure your pet. One in three pets will require veterinary treatment every year. Perhaps this treatment will be a 'one-off' problem like broken bones after a road accident. It may equally be an on-going problem like diabetes, a skin allergy or arthritis. As medical and surgical treatments become more advanced, inevitably the cost of first class veterinary care increases and in some cases becomes a limiting factor. This can be a heart wrenching position to be in.

For a fraction of the cost of feeding your pet, it is now possible to insure him/her against accident, illness and injury. With the exception of vaccinations and elective procedures like neutering, all you pay in the event of a problem is the excess on your policy - the rest is taken care of and your pet gets the very best treatment that money can buy.

Selecting a policy

Take care - they come in all shapes and sizes! Be aware that some policies will only cover an illness for 12 months before cover stops, while others provide life long cover for on-going conditions. Leaflets are available in reception. We recommend combining the 123 Club with an insurance policy to give you absolute peace of mind for all your pet's healthcare needs.

We are more than happy to sit down with you and discuss your pets insurance needs, just give us a call.

What to look for when choosing a pet insurance policy

  • Lifetime/Covered for life policies - Your cover is provided up to a set amount for veterinary fees which is renewed each policy year - No time limit on how long you can claim for each illness or injury as long as you renew the policy each year without a break in cover - Ideal for ongoing conditions such as diabetes or eczema.
  • Time-limited policies - Cover is provided up to a maximum amount per condition - There is a 12-month limit, meaning conditions will only be covered for the first 12-months. after this the condition will be excluded from the policy.
  • Maximum Benefit policy - Cover is provided up ro a maximum amount per condition (e.g. 3000). Once you have claimed up to the maximum amount, that condition is excluded from the policy.

Other things to note.

  • Pet insurance does not cover any pre-existing conditions that occurred before the start of a policy, so it is important to get the right cover for your pet from the start.
  • Check if the policy provides cover for congenital, hereditary, dental and behavioural conditions
  • Find out if your premium will increase if you make a claim.

Key points

  • Some medical problems can be very expensive to treat
  • The daily cost of insurance is relatively low
  • Tailor your cover to your needs and your means
  • Start your insurance early before your pet develops any problems to avoid any exclusions.

Special offer - 4 weeks free insurance

When you register your pet with our Practice, we can provide you with 4 weeks free insurance cover to get you started. This insurance is offered through Petplan Insurance.

There's no obligation to buy a policy and injury cover starts immediately. Cover for illness will start in 14 days. To activate 4 weeks' free cover for your pet simply give us a call and we will be happy to help you set this up or you can go to the Petplan website  and use the voucher code of 1100005520.